The following equipment is available at the Laboratory for the purposes of the research programs as well as for the management of clinical cases.

  1. Visual Field examination (Humphrey Perimetry, Humphrey Zeiss, USA), including the VFI software.
  2. Anterior segment, Optic Disc, macula and fundus imaging (Topcon Digital Camera, Imagenet System, Topcon Inc., Japan)
  3. 3D Optic Disc topography (Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph, Heidelberg Engineering, Germany)
  4. Retinal blood flow measurement (Scanning laser Doppler flowmetry, Heidelberg Retinal Flowmeter, Heidelberg Engineering, Germany)
  5. Optic nerve fibers layer measurement (Scanning Laser Polarimeter [GDx VCC], Laser Diagnostic Technologies, USA)
  6. Optical Coherence Tomography [OCT] (Stratus OCT, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc)
  7. Corneal thickness pachymetry (Quantel Medical, France)
  8. Slit lamp (Haag-Streit, Switzerland)
  9. Deep freezing (-80oC) of blood samples for genetic study (Forma Scientific, USA)
  10. Colour Doppler Imaging (LOGIQ 3Pro, General Electric)
  11. Pneumotonometer W/ Tonometry (Reichert Inc., USA)
  12. Οcular Response Analyzer (ORA)
  13. Spectral Domain OCT (SPECTRALIS)