Advancing Care Coordination
and Telehealth Deployment


The Advancing Care Coordination & Telehealth Deployment (ACT) Programme brings together a pan-European consortium of leading companies, universities, hospitals and healthcare authorities. Initiated in February 2013, the 2.5-year programme will define best practices in care coordination and telehealth. The objective of this EU co-funded project is to overcome the structural and organizational barriers of the deployment of coordinated care.

The ACT programme addresses a primary challenge facing healthcare systems in EU member states: the ageing population and the related burden of chronic disease. By specifically investigating four key drivers, influencing the effective deployment of Coordinated Care & TeleHealth services and generating 'best practice' examples, ACT provides the foundation to help overcome organisational and structural issues in patient stratification, patient and staff engagement, optimisation of organisational structures, and efficacy and efficiency.

The potential of Coordinated Care & Telehealth services, not only to reduce the economic burden of chronic care, but also to improve the delivery of clinical support is endorsed by scientific evidence gathered mainly in clinical trials. However, such services have not yet progressed substantially beyond pilots and test installations. Translating the evidence to large scale deployment requires a change in the behaviours, routines and cultures. The ACT programme is conceived to address this challenge together with the key stakeholders; leading industries, universities, hospitals and healthcare authorities and also five European Healthcare regions are taking part: the Basque Country (Spain), Catalonia (Spain), Scotland (UK), Groningen (Netherlands) and Lombardy (Italy).

The ACT programme will:

  • Gather data and best practices from 5+ regions
  • Determine a baseline for how care coordination and telehealth works in these regions
  • Conduct an iterative evaluation of care structures and procedures
  • Create a best practices 'cookbook' to ensure that the findings can be replicated in other EU health regions

Uniting leading European healthcare experts from a number of domains, the ACT programme is part of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing initiative of the European Commission (under EC's Innovation Union strategy), which aims to increase the average healthy lifespan by 2 years by 2020.